Our long, wet, Covid winter is coming to an end, and summer is just around the corner!  
The Alliance is looking for volunteers for the summer Flower Basket Program! Each year the Alliance purchases and maintains the beautiful hanging baskets that adorn the downtown waterfront district. The project involves recruiting, training, and managing the daily watering crews. Each year we field an impressive core of volunteers that includes property owners, local businesses, and private citizens. All volunteer activities are coordinated by the Alliance with the City of Gig Harbor, providing the watering truck and equipment, water, and truck maintenance. This is a great example of a collaborative effort among the City, the Alliance, residents, and businesses. Volunteers and contributors will be recognized in our newsletter, press releases, by the city, etc. Join the fun!

Light Pole.png

Your $100 sponsorship helps the Alliance fund the popular flower baskets that adorn downtown Gig Harbor each summer.  With your generous gift, you will receive a temporary plaque mounted on the pole below your flower basket that recognizes you, your family, or someone you would like to remember. Include a picture if desired!