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2020 Volunteer Application

Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront Alliance

3311 Harborview Drive

Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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(see the 2020 Volunteer Guidelines for more information)

I hereby state that the above information is true and given to the best of my ability.  
If I do not understand or have any questions regarding this application, I will contact the Market Manager before signing. 
I understand that this is an application for consideration to become a Volunteer at the Waterfront Farmers Market and signing and submitting this application does not automatically grant me that designation at the Waterfront Farmers Market. Participation at the Waterfront Farmers Market is at the discretion at the Market Manager.

I hereby grant permission to be photographed, voluntarily and without compensation, by the Waterfront Farmers Market, understanding that the same, along with my name, is intended for publication by print, television, video, motion picture, and social media.


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