Confessions of a Girls Night Out Veteran

Updated: May 18, 2020

May 2020 Girls Night Out Blog #2

When I thought about writing a blog about all the steps I take to prepare for Girls Night Out that takes place every year in Gig Harbor, the pandemic was not part of my vision. Things have changed, the world has changed, and the way we do “life” looks a bit different these days. Many community members have hit the floor running from day one to the jobs that require their time and essential skills. Many of us have had the opportunity to have a bit more time to ponder over our schedules and figure out how we are going to fill that time. For me, I have had to think ‘outside the box’ to come up with ways to connect with family and friends because of the ‘social distancing.’ I have also had some time and space to tackle projects and activities that have been packed away ready for my spare minutes to be completed. Like many, I am trying new things, shopping in new ways, doing more things at home, and trying to be intentional to get things done. With this current status of mine, I want to take a step back and look at the ‘big picture’ as it stands for me right now as far as my planning my day for Girls Night Out.

Ladies enjoying Girls Night Out in 2019 on Harborview Dr and A/R Workshop What will Girls Night Out look like this year? Good question! Not sure at this time, but I know everyone participating in the planning are working on creative solutions to make sure Girls Night Out will continue to stand out as a fun filled event. Rules and regulations in preparation for a big event such as this, take time, planning, and communication between everyone involved. In the past, the planning partners had the luxury of time for face-to-face meetings to build upon the previous years and work to improve the details for the following year. This year the ‘boundaries’ seem to keep