June 2020 Girls Night Out Blog #3

June 2020

Girls Night Out Blog #3

People! People! People!

Ok, does the last few months seem like a blur to you? It does to me! So many things have changed in my world over the last four months due to Covid 19. My daily routines have involved rescheduling events or cancelling appointments weekly and sometimes daily on my calendar! The pandemic has not only changed many things for me but for the entire world around me.

I was thinking about what I see as the biggest change during this interesting time, for me, and how it relates to the annual Gig Harbor Girls Night Out. And what comes to mind is... “PEOPLE!” One of the biggest reasons I enjoy participating in Girls Night Out every year for the last ten years in Gig Harbor is the PEOPLE! I don’t go it alone! I am determined to bring as many friends as I can who want to join me in a day of fun! I look forward to hanging out with my friends! I look forward to all the new faces I will come in contact with during the day! And I definitely look forward to seeing all the dedicated store owners, managers, and employees of the Gig Harbor Downtown shops who help make the day fun and memorable for us all.