Alliance Projects
Data and Surveys

The Alliance conducts seasonal traffic and parking surveys twice a year. In addition, zip code data has been collected by merchants as well as at the Waterfront Farmers Market. Data is provided to the City of Gig Harbor and is maintained in the Alliance Maestro Database.

The Waterfront Farmers Market is held Thursdays, June through
mid-September. A food-focused market, it includes demos, weekly entertainment, family activities, and a variety of crafts, prepared foods, and other food products. The Waterfront Farmers Market is held in Skansie Brothers Park.

Flower Baskets

The beautiful flower baskets that grace the downtown waterfront every summer are purchased by the Downtown Waterfront Alliance and watered daily by Alliance volunteers. If you are interested in joining this dedicated crew, contact the Alliance office at
253-514-0071 or

Gigging up the Harbor

This annual spring clean-up day takes place each year in May to get the downtown waterfront ready for the busy spring and summer seasons. Volunteers meet at Skansie Brothers Park, work from 9am to 12pm and then have a complimentary lunch provided by local restaurants.

Historic Home Plaques

The Downtown Waterfront Alliance placed the first Historic Home Plaque in 2019. The plaques tell the story of the historic home and the families that lived there. If you own a home along Harborview and would like to be considered for a plaque, contact the Alliance at 253-514-0071 or 

Holiday Lights

The Downtown Waterfront Alliance lights up the downtown with holiday lights on the trees on Pioneer as well as providing the lights for the City Tree in Skansie Park. If you are interested in helping us "Light the Harbor" contact the Alliance at
253-514-0071 or

The Downtown Waterfront Alliance supports businesses in many ways, including offering workshops. Whether it is a consultant hired to talk about lighting, shopping and traffic patterns, and window displays, or a session in our Business Resource Series, we are here to help our businesses.

Pierce Transit Trolley

Together with the City of Gig Harbor, The Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce, Uptown, and Heron's Key, the Downtown Waterfront Alliance is a member
of the Community Investment Team that financially supports the Summer Pierce Trolley for the Gig Harbor Community.

The Downtown Waterfront Alliance began the Veteran's Banner Project honoring our local heroes in 2018. We hope to line the entire downtown waterfront with banners in the Fall of 2020. If you are interested in sponsoring a banner, contact the Alliance at 253-514-0071 or 

Waterfront Maps

The Downtown Waterfront Alliance provides the "Explore Gig Harbor's Downtown Waterfront Map" and updates them two to three times a year. Maps can be found at both Visitior Centers, at the City, at the Alliance, at hotels, and at a number of downtown waterfront businesses.


Projects shown here, along with our many events, are made possible through the sale of the Girls Night Out Red Bag. To those who support our efforts and our community through the purchase of the goodie bag... we couldn't do it without you. THANK YOU!